Traffic Violations

Many people who receive a Traffic Ticket follow the instructions on ticketthe Ticket, mail in the fine, and suffer the consequences.

An even worse mistake is when individuals do not take their traffic ticket seriously and forget all about it. It is extremely important to know that traffic tickets have consequences and that these consequences can be alleviated or even dismissed with a lawyer on your side.  If you ignore a traffic ticket, or fail to pay the fine, your driver’s license will be suspended by PennDot and you may not even know about it.  If you are caught driving under a suspended license (non-D.U.I related) your license can be suspended for 1 year.

Attorney Steven R. Tabano provides clients is an experienced Traffic Ticket lawyer. He has spent over 20 years in western Pennsylvania traffic court. His experience allows him to provide clients with an aggressive approach to fighting a traffic ticket to receive the best possible outcome.

We have worked with clients who have been charged with an array of Traffic violations, including:

  • Driving under D.U.I. suspension
  • Reckless Driving Tickets
  • Speeding Ticket
  • Checkpoint and Speed Trap tickets and violations
  • Red Light Tickets
  • Stop Sign Tickets
  • Citations for non-driving offenses can suspend driving privilege such as Underage Drinking and Drug Possession
  • Resolving old Tickets that have been pending
  • Traffic Ticket Hearings at the District Magistrate level
  • Appeal of traffic citation cases from the District Magistrate Court

The consequences of a Traffic Ticket may not be limited to just a fine. A conviction for a traffic violation could leave you with points on your license, higher insurance premiums, and a possible license suspension or even jail time.  Out of state motorists who receive citations in Pennsylvania and ignore them, or even if they pay them, can often times find their home state licenses suspended as a result of the Pennsylvania suspension provisions.

Attorney Tabano understands that Traffic Court can be a hectic place.  He can help guide clients through the entire process eliminating the confusion.  He will build a case for a client by using knowledge, experience and the individual details to produce the best possible results, whether it be to minimize a fine, fight a suspension or dismiss a violation entirely.

Have you received a traffic violation? Act immediately and contact the Law Offices of Steven R. Tabano for a free consultation.