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pittsburgh dui attorneyDrunk driving in Pennsylvania is a serious offense. It can result in both immediate penalties and long-term consequences. You could lose your driver’s license, be sent to jail and, because it is a criminal offense, even get a criminal record.

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License Suspension

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PennDot will suspend your license if you are convicted of DUI in PA, if you refuse to submit to a breath/blood test or if you are charged with driving under D.U.I. suspension. You may have options.

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license suspensionSome traffic offenses can result in long suspensions or even jail time. We fight these charges, often resulting in a reduction of the charges and saving your right to drive. How important is your right to drive?
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Drug Charges

drugs Charged with a drug related crime? Drug charges often carry mandatory minimum jail sentences along with a criminal record that could prevent you from working.  Drug charges also carry lengthy driver’s license suspensions.  We seek solutions, from requesting that evidence be suppressed to plea bargains that can result in a clean record.

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We handle the defense of all criminal charges in Pennsylvania, including drug possession, assault, theft, weapons and homicide. Aggressively defending all of our clients.

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DUI  laws in Pennsylvania can mean that you face serious penalties such as jail time, loss of driving privileges, large fines and expensive alcohol awareness classes. A D.U.I. conviction may also lead to increased insurance costs, job loss, lost income and other restrictions, as well as considerable personal embarrassment.

LEGAL FEES We provide Low Cost, Flat Fee Services. We let you know what the fees are and put it in writing.

*Initial Preliminary Hearing – $500

*ARD – +$750

*2nd Offense plea- +$1,500

**Does not include a trial

If you are serious about defending your freedom, protecting your driving privileges, and reducing the negative financial impacts of your DUI arrest, you need a skilled and experienced DUI lawyer that you can trust. When you hire Pittsburgh DUI Attorney Steven R. Tabano your case will be personally handled by Steve, a former employee of the Allegheny County District Attorney’s Office with over 23 years of experience as a Pittsburgh DUI Attorney.  Steve will aggressively investigate all the aspects of your arrest. From police procedure and probable cause to correct scientific determination of blood alcohol content to improper interrogation; every aspect of your D.U.I. case will be rigorously examined and reviewed in order to prepare the strongest legal defense to both the criminal and civil charges you face. With Attorney Tabano standing next to you in court, fighting to defend your rights, privileges, freedom, and finances, you’ll see first-hand the considerable respect he has earned among Pennsylvania judges and prosecutors. You’ll be kept informed about the status of your case, and will always know what to expect, every step along the way and you’ll be provided with easy-to-follow instructions for your specific case.  Steve will never hand off your case to ‘substitute’ attorneys who know nothing about you, and are ignorant about the details of your case. You’ll also receive an explanation about how the charges may continue to affect you, even after your case is closed.
“A DUI in PA First Offense, ARD case, or a multiple time offender, I stand by your side and fight for you”….Steve Tabano